Earn Money Through Searches


While searching the internet I have come across a cool website which you can use to earn money while you search in your browser. It is really simple and an easy way to supplement any earnings. You could earn up to £35 per hour if you are really good and lucky.

The way this works is simple. You download a search box for your browser. These aren't the spyware tool bar types, it is the standard search box that you get from Google and Yahoo etc. This box is then installed in your browser with your unique signup ID. Every time you do a search, through this box you earn a couple of pennies. It is not a lot, but over time your could earn hundreds. On average you get about 3p ($0.06) per search, this various but you do usually get paid for every search. You use a search box similar to the one below.

Three pence per search doesn't sound a lot. But if you think about how many searches you do in a day this could really tot up. On average I probably do about 200 - 300 searches a day if I am working, sometimes more if I am relaxing, just general surfing. That is £9 per day. Not bad for something you do naturally. Now times that by 365 for a full year and you could earn about £2,000. These could be in your sights. Although £2000 is unlikly. A tenner a week could buy a couple of beers.

Of course this does get better. You can refer people to your account. By doing this your earn 10% of what they make. You also earn 5% of there friends earnings, and 2.5% of there friends friends earning. Assuming a search is 2.5p and each person has referred 5 people (not hard you just ask a couple of people) and they make 10 searches a day. You could earn £536 a year. That money is free to you.

You get paid after 45 days. This is probably due to the calculations being made on your account. As well as this they must receive some of the funds through Ask the search engine. Payments are either by PayPal or check.

To sign up you can follow this link. It will send you to a sign up page ready for you to get searching and making money. Go out, do some search through the Ask search engine and earn some money. On a side note don't abuse the system by making hundreds of pointless searches, they will find out and just ban your account. Do it like you would normally and you could be earning your self a nice Christmas present.