Simple Trick To Increase Your RSS Subscriber Count


This is only going to be a short post. Its about simply increasing your RSS subscriber numbers using email. More specifically capturing more people that have already subscribed.

Some websites (not this one) offer RSS updates by email. This is awesome for some websites as you can capture a large proportion of people easily. The problem is that Feedburner has a double opt in system where you have to confirm your email. As a result people forget tot do this and you lose a couple of people. These people still show up on you list but are not receiving those emails and they don't count towards your RSS number.

To capture these people you need to go to your Feedburner email list and download the CSV or Excel file. You then sort and organise the list so you can view all of the email addresses. You then simply send an email to these people reminding them to subscribe.

Hopefully if this trick works you should get more people subscribed and your RSS number goes up. Its only a simple trick but it can increase your numbers. I gained about 50 people from another website of mine using this method.

New Idea: How To Get More People To Vote On Lower Stories In Reddit


I love reddit I use it ll of the time. I like the types of stories that are submitted and vote on as well as the comments. One problem that is faced by these sites, as well as many others such as digg, is that many of the lower stories don't get a vote or even looked at. This is a problem. As a result I have come up with an idea that could solve this problem.

If you look at the image below it contains one voted up story at the top of the page. What I think should happen is 3 possibly more possibly less stories magically appear when you click the up vote button. These stories are similar in nature and should hopefully appear to the user. The user can then vote on these stories. Clicking on the image below will give you the full size version.

What this would do is bring new unseen stories into the users eyes. There could be an option to turn this off as well as hide them. These new stories will the get the exposure they need and hopefully get promoted. The same can then happen for stories that shouldn't get promoted. They get weeded out pretty quickly.

What do you guys think? I would like to hear your feedback.

Successful Footsteps


This is just a quick post to shout about a cool new website. Its called successful footsteps and its from the guy who did the fruitful time task manager. Successful footsteps is all about being successful with yourself and leading a successful life. Its going to be a pretty cool blog and I suggest you check it out.

Oh, by the way, I designed the header.

I Have Released A New Site


This is a quick update. I have just released a new site of mine. Mac Tricks And Tips. It is all about the latest Mac Tricks And Tips and will be updated every single day. I have put a lot of effort into it to get it up and running, as a result this site got put on the back burner for the last couple of days.

My aim of MT&T is to get 1000 RSS subscribers by the end of March/ beginning of April. It may sound alot but I am over half way there. Not bad for a new site. It is growing every day. If you are into Mac and want the latest tips and tricks head over and see what you can find.

Why You Should Not Use CSS Hacks


If you have ever babbled into the world of web design there is always a conflict between Internet Explorer and valid CSS. The problem with this is that website designers want sites to look good. But due to the problems in IE, hacks have to be implemented to make it look good. This is where problems creep in and the purpose of this post.

The reasons you should remove IE hacks is, in effect, to get Microsoft to support CSS. It is all very well implementing the hacks to get it to look good but the average user will not know the difference. This is pretty bad because no one will change. If web designers show the world that you website looks bad and promote a better browser people will change.

I also don't mind it Microsoft release a browser that is CSS compatible. This would be great. But at the moment this isn't likely to happen. If it does it should be a great relief to web surfers.

To sum this post up. I have decided in my new websites not to support Internet Explorer and its poor rendition of CSS. If my site look bad so be it. I can't be bothered to have a work around if the website looks so poor.

Adding A Flag Inside Text


This is a very quick tutorial due to the fact I have very little time at the moment. This tutorial comprises of using a clipping mask to add your favourite flag to any text. The effects are good and very simple to do.

Step 1) Add in your text, make it big. It doesn't matter what colour it is.

Step 2) Add a bit of styling, use the transform tool (Command + T) to bring up the transform selections, transform it using the free transform tools.

Step 3) Paste your flag onto your piece.

Step 4) In the layers palette right click on the layer and select clipping mask.

Step 5) To make to text stand out more add a black stoke.

And you are done, pretty easy and fun to do.

Flickr - Design Inspiration


I like finding sites that give me lots of inspiration. Inspiration comes from anywhere and usually manifests its self in other designs, or other peoples ideas for projects. What I would like to post today is the power of flickr and the inspiration it can give you. I have two sites in particular that offer some really cool ideas for you to use, coincidently they are from flickr, which I think is one of the best sites on the web.

The first on is called web design inspiration and, as you may have guesses, is a list of images from websites. There are hundreds on there, 432 to be precise. An they are all websites that are really good quality and really well designed. It is a great place if you ever need an idea for a website and are fresh out of ideas.

The second site is a bit geeky, but I find it really cool. It is not so much a set of images that will give you a lot of inspiration but is designed to show you how cool you can make a very boring subject. The idea I think about this set is making a subject interesting to look at. It gave me a couple of random ideas on how to set out a piece of work. Its called Objects in Asphalt, and has really detailed pictures of works in the boring tarmac. But it is great for how you layout a piece and could potentially be used in some bit of ar out artwork.