Shock Your Self Into Working


One of my favourite programs for working has been updated to administer electric shocks. Its called FruitfulTime TaskManager Electro and is designed to shock you into doing work. Its a new program that I am sure will catch on for managers around the world.

By using the FruitfulTime TaskManager base as the code, the guys have tweeked it to enable to interface with the current flowing through your keyboard. It works as per their research and is definitely a good program for enforcing those tasks to be completed.

There FAQ states:

1. Is this safe?

Yes, completely safe. Although the words electric shock sound scary, there is nothing to be worried about. The shock is of low intensity, very low amperage for the technical people out there, so completely safe.

The shock will only feel like a small prick in your fingers and will not leave any markings at all. It just stimulates your nerve endings in your palms and the brain picks up these signals, thus making you feel the shock. This will only stimulate you to work on your tasks, which is the desired effect.

2. Will it work with my keyboard and mouse?

Yes, it will. We have designed the system to work with the most common keyboards and mice available on the market today.

3. But my keyboard is wireless. Will it also work with it?

Yes, it will. From the research conducted we have found out that people that use wireless devices tend to slack more on their work, most probably due the fact that with a wireless keyboard and mouse you can relax more, not being tied to the office desk.

Therefore, we think that people who use wireless pheripherals are the ones that through research will benefit most from this product.

Download it and see if it works for you, and try not to get to caught up with the first of April jokes.