Why You Should Not Use CSS Hacks


If you have ever babbled into the world of web design there is always a conflict between Internet Explorer and valid CSS. The problem with this is that website designers want sites to look good. But due to the problems in IE, hacks have to be implemented to make it look good. This is where problems creep in and the purpose of this post.

The reasons you should remove IE hacks is, in effect, to get Microsoft to support CSS. It is all very well implementing the hacks to get it to look good but the average user will not know the difference. This is pretty bad because no one will change. If web designers show the world that you website looks bad and promote a better browser people will change.

I also don't mind it Microsoft release a browser that is CSS compatible. This would be great. But at the moment this isn't likely to happen. If it does it should be a great relief to web surfers.

To sum this post up. I have decided in my new websites not to support Internet Explorer and its poor rendition of CSS. If my site look bad so be it. I can't be bothered to have a work around if the website looks so poor.