Simple Trick To Increase Your RSS Subscriber Count


This is only going to be a short post. Its about simply increasing your RSS subscriber numbers using email. More specifically capturing more people that have already subscribed.

Some websites (not this one) offer RSS updates by email. This is awesome for some websites as you can capture a large proportion of people easily. The problem is that Feedburner has a double opt in system where you have to confirm your email. As a result people forget tot do this and you lose a couple of people. These people still show up on you list but are not receiving those emails and they don't count towards your RSS number.

To capture these people you need to go to your Feedburner email list and download the CSV or Excel file. You then sort and organise the list so you can view all of the email addresses. You then simply send an email to these people reminding them to subscribe.

Hopefully if this trick works you should get more people subscribed and your RSS number goes up. Its only a simple trick but it can increase your numbers. I gained about 50 people from another website of mine using this method.