New Idea: How To Get More People To Vote On Lower Stories In Reddit


I love reddit I use it ll of the time. I like the types of stories that are submitted and vote on as well as the comments. One problem that is faced by these sites, as well as many others such as digg, is that many of the lower stories don't get a vote or even looked at. This is a problem. As a result I have come up with an idea that could solve this problem.

If you look at the image below it contains one voted up story at the top of the page. What I think should happen is 3 possibly more possibly less stories magically appear when you click the up vote button. These stories are similar in nature and should hopefully appear to the user. The user can then vote on these stories. Clicking on the image below will give you the full size version.

What this would do is bring new unseen stories into the users eyes. There could be an option to turn this off as well as hide them. These new stories will the get the exposure they need and hopefully get promoted. The same can then happen for stories that shouldn't get promoted. They get weeded out pretty quickly.

What do you guys think? I would like to hear your feedback.