Flickr - Design Inspiration


I like finding sites that give me lots of inspiration. Inspiration comes from anywhere and usually manifests its self in other designs, or other peoples ideas for projects. What I would like to post today is the power of flickr and the inspiration it can give you. I have two sites in particular that offer some really cool ideas for you to use, coincidently they are from flickr, which I think is one of the best sites on the web.

The first on is called web design inspiration and, as you may have guesses, is a list of images from websites. There are hundreds on there, 432 to be precise. An they are all websites that are really good quality and really well designed. It is a great place if you ever need an idea for a website and are fresh out of ideas.

The second site is a bit geeky, but I find it really cool. It is not so much a set of images that will give you a lot of inspiration but is designed to show you how cool you can make a very boring subject. The idea I think about this set is making a subject interesting to look at. It gave me a couple of random ideas on how to set out a piece of work. Its called Objects in Asphalt, and has really detailed pictures of works in the boring tarmac. But it is great for how you layout a piece and could potentially be used in some bit of ar out artwork.