Why Do People Still Use Windows?

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This is once again another rant but I feel that this one is very important. It kind of follows on from the post I made earlier this month about Why People Should Use Computers, this one goes on a slightly different topic of why do people still use Windows.

Let me begin by saying that I use a Mac, I love it. I made the "change" last year and have not regretted it. At this point in time I try and make as many people as possible use Macs or buy there own Macs. Usually price can be an option, so Linux is still a very good choice.

This idea behind this post came from reading about people woes about computer viruses. Viruses do seem a big problem for many computer users, they annoy you, delete data and generally cause mischief. I would like to know why people still use a product that has so many faults.

In the United Kingdom (and probably other places) there is a law that stipulates that a product must work as advertised and have no faults that are not mentioned at the time of purchase. Those might no be the exact words but it is something along those lines. But, when it comes to a Windows installation, common sense seems to be thrown out of the window. For example if you have a fresh install you need to immediately install a piece of extra software to help you run the computer "safely". Why do people continue to both with this. It is like buying a car, and then having to fork out some more money to buy a steering wheel. You can get free versions but they are never as good.

I think, before rambling on to much, the problem is down to laziness. People cannot seem to be bothered to change and look for a piece of software that works as promised. People every so often go out blind and buy the next Windows operating system. The point of this is why do you keep buying a shoddy product. I don't want to spend so many pounds to get a product that doesn't work. Until people realize that they are buying a product that is essentially broken Microsoft will keep bring out products that a faulty and are prone to breaking.

Finally, to sum up, I will give a couple of reasons why you should still be using Windows. I don't think any rant is worth while until all of the angles are analyzed. To this extent, the only reason Windows is any good is the games that it supports. All of the other software there is probably a version which you can use for Mac or Linux. You can use games on these operating systems but they are never so good since you usually have to emulate the Windows environment. Until the big publishers will get onto Mac or Linux and natively support these systems, Windows has only one use and that is computer games.



Anonymous said...

You know something, there's more than just windows-only games that don't run on a mac, there are applications too (like 3ds max, Maya, Cinema 4D...). A lot of people don't really have the money to get a $1500+ computer, and you can't really say Linux is an option for the average user. Linux has even less compatibility with applications than Mac OS X. Now with that virus thing you're talking about - I've had this PC for about 5 years, no virus problems whatsoever with XP.

Just to clear up, I love the way macs look and feel (right now, I'm using Windowblinds 6 to make my PC look like leopard), but I'd say macs aren't much of an option for the average user.

James Powell said...

Yeah I totally agree with your comment. Windows are better in some respects (price). But there still are hundreds of problems which you have to contend with.

Owen said...

Why arn't macs an option for the average user? With the IMac and the Mini I think they are more for the average user than ever. I would say that Linux has come a long way in the last couple of years, and who knows give it a few more and maybe we will start seeing it on more PC's.