Why Blogs Should Be Focused On One Thing

Hey There

This post will probably end up more of a rant than anything else (look at my last one). But I wanted to air my view and opinion about blogs and why they should have a purpose. My blog isn't as focused as I would like. So this blog seems to contradict what I am saying. Anyway lets move on.


Blogs seems to be one of the main types of website on the internet today. A long while ago the internet was all about information, website that you visited to gain knowledge. But that has changed, for the better. As a result blogs have become more and more popular. A lot of people have blogs, there are hundreds of them out on the internet today. A while ago I remember reading a post saying th hundreds of thousands of blogs are made each day. A lot of them don't survive. This is down to two reasons. The owner not putting enough effort in, and the blog not being focused.

A blog should be focused on one (or a couple of related things). The main reason for this, I feel, is that is you visit a website that tries to do everthing, it won't be good at anything. There might be a Chinese proverb along those lines. The reason for this is your visitor (and Google rankings, but that is another story). If you want to try and get a visitor to your website, you website has to be about something specific (this specific thing is also called a niche).

Lets take and example of a would be visitor to your blog. A blog (if you don't already know) is like a personal diary, expect every one can read it and you don't keep it under the bed (unless the server is under the bed). A would be visitor has probably come across your site from some one or something that is related to you site. Lets say this user wants to visit about tiny bugs from the Amazon. You are the blog owner and are a tiny bug fantatic who goes to the amazon a lot and knows a lot about the subject and as a result, for fun, want to set up a blog about his tiny bug experiences in the Amazon. If your site is all about tiny bugs, a user would be interested. They (upon first visiting your site) recognise that your website is about tiny bugs, as a result they will return again and hopefully as a frequent visitor, wanting to find out about tiny bugs from the Amazon. This is good.

On the other hand if you post about tiny bugs from the amazon and the latest car from down the road, and possibly a couple of other unrelated subjects. You can confuse, possibly annoy, would be visitors. Another example of this could be Microsoft, the big computer giant. Personally, I saw it as the big one in computer operating systems, they trying to increase there power decided to move into other areas. As a result they don't really work, or are not as good as they are in other services (take for example there search, I think it is terrible, it never works well enough for me). The same applies to a blog.


Hopefully my message of trying to stick to one subject has come across. I know that this blog doesn't have a purpose. I am going to try and tailor it to such. Just remember if you are going to set up a blog try and keep it small in regards to what you cover. You could cover anything.