How To Get Internet Explore 6-8 To Render CSS Correctly


Fixing the problems in Internet Explorer may have just been solved with a little javascript hack. I am really glad I found this website. It may be a temporary solution to a problem that may take a long time for Google to fix. What happens, as many of you should know, is that Internet Explorer has terrible problems at rendering pages with complex CSS. I use Firefox so most of these problems do not seem to appear.

This hack is a simple bit of javascript code that instructs any Internet Explorer browsers 5 through 8 to render different elements on the page in a different way. It is added to the code of the website. You can find the website with all the necessary bits and bobs here over at Google Code. You have to download and host the code on your own site, but the files are not to large.

At the moment I cannot vouch for the reliability or how successful this piece of code is. I currently don't have any old versions of internet explorer installed on any of my PC's. When I get around to installing an old version of IE I don't think the javascript snippet should cause any problems. By the looks of things it has been tested throughly.

Its worth while checking out if you are into web design at all and hate the problems associated with Internet Explorer.