How To Get Ideas


Ideas are what makes the world tick. Without ideas nothing would ever get done or progress made. The world as we know it would come to a grinding holt. It is a pretty certain fact that some people are born bursting full of ideas and on the other end of the spectrum there are people who are stuck fast in no idea land. Ideas, I think, are usually linked to the creative juices within the body. Nearly every day people will need an idea to complete a task, the task always varies but the best idea will usually be a success. What I want to talk about in this post, is a method for the idea challenged that I think will help you to come up with new and possibly exciting ideas. I use it all of the time and nearly all of my blog posts come from this method. You might be different but the same principle can be applied in your own unique way.

These couple steps or techniques are in no particular order, they just popped into my head in the order they are written in. But this first step is usually the most important. Have a pen and paper or some other method of writing material with you at all times. Ideas come and go in a flash, and if you don't have a piece of paper or similar with you will forget it. Unless you have a photographic memory (mine lacks film most of the times) you will never remember the idea, just the essence of it and usually how cool the idea was. Never the idea. I remember reading some where that the popular children's author Roald Dahl always had a piece of paper with him. His books have wild imagination in them. I also remember that he once scribbled down on a tissue with lip stick one of his best selling ideas. Every one around him was wondering what he was up to. But ideas fade as fast as them appear, so you always need to be ready. You know that dream you have in the middle of the night where you sort of wake up with a cool idea. You should have a pen and paper with you at the side of the bed. All you need to jot down is a couple of words or a sentences to remind you. Pen and paper is a must.

Ok, you have a pen and paper with your at all times ( I use post-its). You now need to generate ideas. I have found through many years of school projects that you need to be doing something else to get the best ideas. There are many perfect situations through out the day which you can use to let your mind wonder. Day dreaming, I think, is the best thing you can do when you have a spare moment or half hour. So the first step to getting ideas is to make time or use other time to not think. As well as this you usually never get the best ideas by thinking really hard about what you need to do. It has been proven somewhere that you mind can do many things at once. Your mind can also process complex problems in the background. Have you ever thought to your self when doing something completely different, the answer to some complex question. I know that sounds a bit double dutch but it happens. So, to summarize, the best ideas come when you are doing something else. But how do you coax these ideas out of your brain.

There are loads of small times when you produce good ideas. But before I go into this remember, don't go to day dream about a specific thing, the good idea will never come. Personally the best tip to think about is to never think. So when are there times to let your mind wonder. My favourite is on the way home from school. I walk. I could get the bus or even drive but that means I am home in 5 minutes. You can't day dream and generate good ideas in 5 minutes. You need at least half an hour. That is why I walk home from school. It takes half and hour. This is half and hour in which I can do nothing else expect think and walk. About 25% of my ideas which I use on this blog and other things come from walking home. Apart from the good exercise my mind can wonder all it wants and I come up with brilliant and fantastical ideas, one of my favorites is the MMOFPS I wrote about a while back. Upon walking home over the period of a week I gained a whole setting story and ideas. I jotted these down. Some points, of course, were embellished later. Good idea generator number one.

The second generator idea location is in the bath. I don't know why but the relaxation of siting in my own bath water for an extended period of time seems to generate the best ideas. Relaxation does help. I also find walking relaxing so that is why I think it is another good idea revenue stream. Baths let you and your mind relax. The other alternative is a shower but that always seems to be rush, rush, rush. Take your mind off things. The only problem I find with baths is that noting stuff down is a little hard. Water and paper don't really mix, I end up with mush. So after getting dry noting the bath idea down is the first priority.

Finally I will like to conclude this post. It seems I should be writing a feel good book. To conclude. For ideas you need to do something totally unrelated, simple and relaxing. Your mind needs to be free. I have found that baths and walks are best for me. But you could be totally different. If you talk the train to work, look out of the window. If you have to sit down for 30 minutes for a bus, relax and look out. Ideas come naturally and the good ones can never be forced. If you have any idea making tips of your own, please leave a comment.


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