How To Be A Good Blog Poster

Hey There

If visit this blog regularly, which I hope you do, I mentioned a method which I have sort of developed over the years for generating ideas. This post will be a follow up and will focus on being a good blog poster.

If you don't no already, blogs are website which people use to share, discuss and show ideas. I think them as personal diaries. They vary in nature and content, but the best ones are the ones that are regularly updated with quality content. Why updated regularly you ask? It's simple. People, who enjoy your blog, will want more. Have you ever visited a blog that has a couple of amazing posts and subscribed to there RSS feed (my RSS feed is here by the way) only to find out that it is never updated? People get frustrated and leave. A good blog poster/author, will be a person who will write and publish posts regularly. By regularly I don't mean every day, but every couple off days in a uniform fashion. I try to post every other day. This means I have one day of rest and to find or think of something cool to write, and one day to post and promote. This also has its rewards of being a regular poster.

The rewards of regularly posting are plenty. For example you will get returning visitors. These are great, as the more subscribers you have and the more returning visitors, the more chance a person will click and ad or what ever. Another advantage is Google rankings. Google, as seen by many as the big daddy of the search engine world, likes to crawl your site and visit new content. The more it visits, the more information it puts into its search engine and the more chance it has of passing visitors to your site. This is all down to the regular postings that your make.

The final part of how to be a good blog poster is the what you should write. If you post regularly that is great, but having good content makes your blog even better. Ever heard of the saying content is king. Then your should make your content as good as possible. People will not read your blog if it is full of spam, or worthless posts that are not worth reading. To be a good blog poster you need to write good quality posts that people will like.

So, it beautifully finish this post I will summarize what I have said. Write regularly, write good quality stuff. If you do this successfully you should start to see visitors returning and your blog becoming more and more recognized.