Fruitful Time Task Manager - Product Review

Hey There

A while ago I mentioned that a cool new product is being released that I think will definitely help they way you work and organize your file. This product is FruitfulTime TaskManager for the Windows operating system. I've been lucky and have been chosen by the small company to be one of the first affiliates of this product. I like being an affiliate since I earn some money (being a student I am always poor) from every sales. Although this post will be about how cool this product is, I am going to do a balanced review of this product. I have just included my affiliate link since every time you buy a product I earn some money. The more money I earn the more effort and more posts that will appear on this post. Its a never ending circle.

Anyway, I digress as I always do. Fruitful Time TaskManager, as the name may suggest is a program (a very light weight program, may I add) that is used to help organize your life. It is the beginning of the new year and many people always try and be more organized. This program can help you achieve this goal that will not doubt end up getting broken at some point. Fruitful Time TaskManager is a cross between a spreadsheet (kind of, I needed an analogy of something with table cells), a calender function and a database. You can click any of the image for there full versions. Optionally you can view more screen shots here.

The task manager works as one might expect. You have on the left a list of tasks. I think you can have as many tasks as you want. Clicking on the new task button for a couple of minutes didn't seem to break the program. Overall the program doesn't crash at all. After you have added a new task and you have filled out all of the information such as Priority, Status, Start Date, Due Date, Progress and Tags (all of which can be ordered). You can add subtasks.

The subtasks section works in the same way as the main tasks section, you have all of the same headings and it can be used to break down bigger tasks into smaller tasks as you would normally do. All in all this keeps your main window size small. If you have ever used a calender program such as iCal, or Outlook, the "To-do" or tasks window can fill up quick. If you have a major task and it has hundreds of small tasks that you have added. The Task Manager keeps your window size down.

The Sub Tasks Section also enables you to have more options. For example you can add notes using the inbuilt text editor. References to files and webpages (on a separate tab), a light weight contact tab, where you can add contacts for your project. And finally a reminders tab, where you can set reminders. All of this works really well and once as you get the hang of it (doesn't take that long) it is quick and simple to use. The only problem with the sub-task that I have is the contacts tab. In the current build you cannot add any preexisting contacts from Outlook or another source, you have to add them manually. Its is only a small gripe which I am sure this sort of functionality could be added in later builds.

One of the final sections of the program is the tags section. Situated on the left hand side it is used to list all of the tags that are present on your tasks. One of the in "things" now on the internet is to tag stuff. A lot of websites (specifically blogs) have a section where you can tag a post or webpage. This serves as a easy way to organize things. I like personally like using tags. One of the strengths of Task Manager is its tagging system. You can add as many tags as you want to a task. It uses a dynamic method of check boxes for you to easily add tags to many tasks. The programs main strength with tags comes in the way you can filter and sort out different tags. It is like a search function, expect it is a lot easier to use.

If you are still with me and haven't become bored with me rambling on, FruitfulTime TaskManager is a great program to use. It is light weight (200kb download), fast and very easy to use. It comes with a built in help system (since the original version lacked such as feature and made the program hard to use for anyone that is new) this help systems guides you through in how to use the program. It is like any powerful database, except you don't have to program the tables, it is all done for you. As well as this everything is encrypted so it is hard for anyone to find out those important secret tasks on for that super cool secret project. Fruitful time does offer a password decryption service if you forget your password.

The Problems

No fair an honest review (you can always tell when people are making up reviews) would be anything with out the list of problems with a certain product. Thankfully this program doesn't have too many.

One of the problems I have found is the lack of a recycle bin or undo feature when you are deleting tasks. As you get to use the program and are becoming more proficient at using the program you will need to start deleting tasks. Usually you don't need to keep year old tasks. The task manager does have a delete feature. But the problem is that once a task is deleted you can never get it back. I think this is a slight problem since if you have a major task with 200 subtasks and you delete it in a crazed 3 in the morning stint of work, you will be really annoyed. I have mentioned this to the guys, I have no word yet when this will be implemented.

Although this fault/improvement doesn't seem much of a problem, it could be one improvement that would make the product a million times better. This is Mac and Linux support. I'm on a Mac for most of the time, having this sort of program would work wonders. I currently use iCal for the tasks but it is never very good for listing tasks as Fruitful Time Task Manager is.


To conclude every one needs a Task Manager to manage there tasks. Post-it notes have there limitations. Fruitful Time Task Manager seems to fit this role perfectly. As mentioned the program is powerful, light and works perfectly. There are a couple of minor niggles, but I am just being picky.

There is a free trial download which you can use. This limits you to adding only 5 tasks but it is a must if you want to try before you buy. It is priced reasonably at $49.99, which seems to be a good price for what you get. You can get it at a cheaper price of $39.99 if you are a student. There are family and cooperate editions if you have more than one computer or are buying for many people. You can view the price page for more information.

I have my copy bought and installed and I am beginning to use it more and more and from the first release it is getting better all of the time. My home PC is starting to become a major part of organizing myself, since my workload is becoming larger and larger. I really can't give this product any more praise. Please leave your comments on what you think of the product and if you have purchased it. Check out the TaskManager website here for more information.


Fredric said...

Thanks for the review. The task manager program is cool. I downloaded it and it took me a while to get into using it. I would recommend using it. As you said there are a couple of improvements that could be made to it but buying early you get the product for a cheaper price.

James Powell said...

Thanks for your comment. I hope you enjoy using Task Manager. I think it is great and one of those unknown pieces of software.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, interesting. I d/l'ed the program and it seems promising. Simple and straight forward. Thanks

James Powell said...

I hope you like it. :)