1930-70 Design Ideas

Hey There

I love designing objects, 2D designs and websites, but every so often I really need a good source of designs to simulate the design part of my brain. There are hundreds of places on the internet which you can find designs, but I think that I have found a couple of places which have very old designs but are still probably relevant today.

The couple of websites I want to share with you have designs from the 1930 all the way up to the 1970. The reason for this is that all of the designs are simple, to the point and are probably very easy to do yourself. If you look at the design below you can see what I mean, it has simple colours a clear shape and a good message which the user will always need.

There are hundreds of websites which you can find, just Google 1950 (or your required date) and poster or designs and it will churn out thousands of results. A couple of the best I have found include 1940, Drive Past (this has hundreds), WWII Posters, Advertising Posters and finally Movie Posters.

Use them if you can, I just decided that it would be a cool idea to share these sites with you. I might do a tutorial on drawing one if I have the time.