Hilarious Spoof - Make My Logo Bigger


While surfing the intertubes as I do, i've come across a really funny video. Designed as a spoof (If you haven't already guessed). Its all about special creams and sprays that make your logos bigger and to remove white space. A really funny video, even if it is a bit long.

You can view the video here or by clicking on the picture.

Design Change?

Hey There Folks.

I've had this blog design scheme for the majority of this blogs life time. Its served me well. But, to be frank, I've grown a little bored of it and I think it could do with a change. I'm not going all out and radically changing it so it is completely different but there will be some changes.

For example I'm going to keep the two column layout. I did have 3 at one point but this looked tight, compacted and a bit rubbish to say the least. 3 column layouts do look good on some websites, it didn't look to good on mine. Over all I am going with a darker more black and white colour scheme. The brown is good, but I've grown tired of looking at it. I am thinking of a black and white colour scheme, with dashes of colour. One other thing that I am going to change is the adverts. These are going to be swapped around and the sizes and layouts changed.

These changes are going to be gradual and are not going to happen suddenly over night. I don't have the time or the skill to implement the changes all in one go. Please feel free to leave a comment with your ideas and suggestions.

Edit: Step 1 has been implemented, it is no taking on a more black and white effect. The next steps will involve adding a background image around the header. If you see any untoward errors, please leave a comment.

Edit: Step 2 has been implemented the big background image has been inserted. Other small changes will be made in the next could of days.

Edit 3: I've changed the background again for a better one. More changes to come.

I've Returned - More Cool Wallpapers

Hey There

I'm back from my short trip to Prague. It was a really good trip, it reminded my me a bit like the beginning of Half-Life 2, very eastern Europe. Any way I will be having some cool photos and wallpapers up in the coming days. So sit tight.
In case you were wondering i've marked where my Hotel was. The short walk over the river and into the centre of Prague was great for places to east and drink. I would recommend you check the city out.

Cool Wallpapers

If you have read my blog in the last couple of days you will have seen a rather cool effect to create some interesting wallpapers using Photoshop, this post is here if you missed it. The effect created, personally, is really cool. Below i've created a couple more wallpapers for this new product that is being created. The guy who is making it contacted me a couple of weeks ago about promoting it, so i should have a first glimpse of what it has to offer. You can find there website at the Fruitful Time Blog. The images below you can click on to take you to the full size versions.

Going Away


This is just a quick post to say that I am not going to be hear for the next couple of days, I am going away to prague for a short trip. I'll take lots of photos, and share the best ones with you. Don't be to lonely while I am away.

See you soon.

Creating An Effective Two Colour Star Wars Background - Photoshop Tutorial


I sort of stumbled across this effect while playing about with the layers in Photoshop. It quite cool and doesn't take long to complete and it can be applied to any image. I've made a couple Star Wars wallpapers, these are located at theCreating An Effective Two Colour Star Wars Background - Photoshop Tutorial bottom. You can at any point click on the images to see the full versions. We are trying to aim for a similar effect to the one on the right using only the layer blending options within Photoshop.

For this tutorial you will need:

Step 1) The first step is to create a canvas, i've chosen a size of 1440 x 900 pixels to match my desktop background. Pick any size you want.

Step 2) The second step is to prepare your background. This can be any colour you want. I've chosen a tan/brown colour. I've chosen a radial gradient. The darker colour is "A7885A" i've picked a lighter colour from the menu and applied as so.

Creating An Effective Two Colour Star Wars Background - Photoshop Tutorial
Step 3) Find a picture you want to use. I've picked Yoda. You can click the following image for the full size.

Creating An Effective Two Colour Star Wars Background - Photoshop Tutorial
Step 4) Place Yoda into your canvas. I've positioned mine in the bottom left hand corner. Place yours where every you want.

Creating An Effective Two Colour Star Wars Background - Photoshop Tutorial
Step 5) Desaturate the image by going Image > Adjustments > Desaturate. The idea behind this is to create an image which is only black and white, and then to use the blending options in Photoshop to create the effect we are after.

Creating An Effective Two Colour Star Wars Background - Photoshop Tutorial
Step 6) The next step is to change the threshold of the image. Go to Image > Adjustments > Threshold. Slide the values up or down until you get an image where most of the outline is one colour. This could be Black or White depending on the image. Use the following image as an example

Creating An Effective Two Colour Star Wars Background - Photoshop Tutorial
Step 7) Touch up the photo by removing any erroneous pixels. You can either use the eraser or a colour brush.

Creating An Effective Two Colour Star Wars Background - Photoshop Tutorial
Step 8) The next step is to Select screen mode from the Layer Blending options. Screen removes all of the black parts of the image and leaves only white behind. Alternatively if your image was the other way around and you wanted to remove the white parts you would use the Multiply option.

Creating An Effective Two Colour Star Wars Background - Photoshop Tutorial
And you are done. The image below is the final with a couple of retouches and a final export.

Creating An Effective Two Colour Star Wars Background - Photoshop Tutorial
You can do this with any coloured background and any photo. Darth Vader anyone?

Creating An Effective Two Colour Star Wars Background - Photoshop Tutorial
You can choose to go the other way and have the image as black. This uses the Multiply blending mode instead of Screen.

Creating An Effective Two Colour Star Wars Background - Photoshop Tutorial
Please leave a comment and links to your creations.

Free Rice - The Game That Helps Poor People


After surfing the intertubes, i've come across this site which is rather different. Its a game but every time you get a question right they donate 10 pieces of rice to charity. The game is all about matching and understanding words and get progressively harder as you move through.

Its strangely addictive and although 10 pieces of rice wont feed many people, it does all add up. You can find this game here.

Top 10 Signs That Show You Have Design On The Brain


I like designing pretty much anything. The following list, in no particular order, is ten things that show you have design on the brain far to much. This post, by the way, shouldn't be take to seriously.

1) Photoshop Takes 20 Minutes To Load

Photoshop, the designers sword. But you definitely have design on the mind if Photoshop takes 20 minutes to load because you have 40,000 brushes and shapes to load.

You are sad when you download a brush and it doesn't come at least 2000 pixels in size.

Bonus 2:
You can Photoshop out the iStock Logo from the thumbnails quicker than it takes to download the full version.

2) Fontbook Crashes Every Time You Load It.

Although Fontbook for the Mac make is more stable than the version on Windows (Press Ctrl + A and see what happens). You definitely have design on the mind if Fontbook crashes because you have so many fonts installed.
You have actually paid for a font, instead of trying to find one of exact same style for free on the many free font websites.

3) You Enjoy Looking At Colour Schemes In Your Spare Time

I must say this is one of my favorites. Have you every enjoyed looking at colour schemes, for example from ColourLovers. My favorites are the colour schemes fro butterfly's and websites.

4) You Know Lorem Ipsum Off By Heart

If you know Lorem Ipsum " Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Praesent bibendum mi at quam. Vivamus sapien. Fusce pellentesque. Integer vehicula." off bye heart you really do too much design work. Although it is good to learn a second language.

5) You Stare At A Advertisement Because Of Its Font

Have you ever stopped to look at a poster, leaflet, advertisement and loved its font. You have design on the mind is you every do this.

6) You Only Use A Mac

You only ever use a Mac simply because of its "Designing Potential" (too right!). If you ever touch a Windows machine for your design work you feel dirty and blasphemous.

You have seen the spinning beach ball more times that the cursor and have named it.

7) Looking Through You Bookmarks Folder Takes 10 Minutes To Scroll Through.

Even though you should use folders, if you scroll through you bookmarks folder you spend 10 minutes waiting until you reach the bottom.
You have bookmarked a website so many times when you search for it it appears ten times. (You should see point 9, if it works)

8) You Buy Stuff Because It Looks Cool

You buy products just because they look cool and are designed well even though there is a cheap better product for half the price.

9) Your RSS Feeder Dies Because You Have So Many Design Feeds

This sign sort of blends into number 7. If you ever had an RSS feeder die because you have so many design feeds. You definitely have design on the mind if your RSS feeder breaks.

10) You Save Tiny Parts Of Websites Because They Look Cool

Raise your hand if you have done this *hand up*. I do it all the time, saving tiny parts of websites to use at a later date. You usually never do.

You save bits of magazines in the hope that they will come in useful for future design projects. They never do.

Hopefully you found this funny, and where a quick laugh. If you have any other signs that show you ahve design on the brain, please leave a comment.

Over 600+ Stuning Fractals


Fractals are amazing to tell you the true. They are mathematical shapes created on a computer which produce some fantastic patterns. Usually fractals have the same shape which repeats over and over again on the smaller scale. The result of this is some awe inspiring shapes which are amazing to look at.
Fractals do appearing in every day natural and can be caused by many things. For example is you microwave a CD the crack shape that appears on the surface is a fractal. As well as this if you blast a piece of acrylic with a million volts it turns to a super conductor and blasts the atoms inside. Creating a unique shape which repeats down to the atomic level. If you want to find out more you can check out this wikipedia article.

Anyway you can download the .rars containing all the images here, here, here and finally here. There are 4 parts but you don't need all of them.

LOL Bunny - Attack

This LOL Bunny of a rabbit made me laugh so hard. After all the rabbit was probably yawing at the time. Reminds me of my rabbit.

Famous quote which relates to this picture: "Beacause tonight we dine in Sparta"

Click for full size.

Lol Bunny Attack

Photo Tuesday - ShinyBinary


After browsing the internet I've come across this amazing designer. His work is really cool. I've written a post on my Design Blog, about him. This weeks photo is a wallpaper which he has deigned. I really like it. You can click the image for the full size or visit the rest of his work here.


A Round Up Of The Best YouTube Videos


I surf YouTube a lot and there are some of the best videos in the world hosted on this site. Basically I wanted this blog post to show you the best ones on Youtube and some of my personal favorites. If you have any that you particularly enjoy and think that they should be posted in my list please leave a comment.

In no particular order here are my round up of my favourite YouTube videos.

1) Potter Puppet Pals in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise"

I've only just seen this recently and I think it is so funny. From the guys over at Potter Puppet Pals have put a great little video together. I love it and think it is so funny. "Snape, Snape Severus Shape"

2) Rowan Atkinson Invisible Drum Kit

One of my personal favourite comedians Rowan Atkinson plays the drums, which are invisible, perfectly. I wish I could play drums this well.

3) Extreme Train Surfer

On a less comical note this guys is one crazy person. Having not long to live because of leukemia he decides to surf a train. Highly illegal but very fun (don't try this at home, try it at a friends) he decides to surf the German High Speed Train (I.C.E). One of my favourite beacause I would never get to do it.

4) World of Warcraft "I'm So Lonely"

I'm loving the time and effort people put into making videos. This one again is no different. With Akon's I'm So Lonely dubbed over so hilarious machinima from World of Warcraft. I laughed so load the first time I saw it. By the way, on the topic of WoW i've found this really great eBook on the internet that can help you gather gold. You can find it here.

5) Darth Vader Feels Blue

Continuing on the theme of voice overs and dubs this Star Wars video of Darth Vader cracks me up every time I see it. Darth Vader playing the harmonica makes me laugh. I just love the bit when he is playing his tunes in his helmet. He must have a right laugh.

6) Swearing Post Man Pat

A very popular kids program in the UK its Post Man Pat. Usually aimed for kids, I find this hilariously funny. Theres a lot of swearing so if your offended, there not lot I can do.

7) Scouse Fire Man Sam

Still ruining my childhood TV programs this is another hilariously funny, with swearing, dub over of Fire Man Sam.

8) Pachelbel Rant

Pachelbel Cannon In D is a wonderful song. But have you noticed that it seems to be appearing every where now a days. Rob Paravonian wonderfully rants about how bad Cannon In D really is.

9) Eddie Izzard's Encore on Computers

I use computers every day. But Eddie Izzard plays it wonderfully on how bad computers can really be. Some of those points are true. Should have used a Mac though.

10) Grenade In A Washing Machine

What do American soldiers do when they are bored? They throw grenades into washing machines. I just posted this one to end my list with a bang (Ha Ha). Don't stand to close.

Edit: Double Points Round

Since writing this post there is always one (will probably end up as more than one) video that I have missed out. I will continue these videos in the double points bonus round.

11) How NOT To Use Powerpoint

This videos is a must watch for any video geek. Don McMillan gives a hillariously funny sketch about the common mistakes of PowerPoint. Many a time I have done these.

12) World of Warcraft Toyota Advert

This video, again using World of Warcraft. Is so funny. I am da Law givea'

Well I hope you liked my collection of favourite YouTube videos. If you like any videos that are not on the list and appear on YouTube (or anywhere else) please leave a comment.

Photo Tuesday - Loads of Macs


Its photo Tuesday and I've found one really cool photo. I can't remember quite where I found it but its really cool. Below, you can click on the image to enlarge, is a room full of the best computers in the world, and thats Macs. I can only spot I think one PC and thats on the third row from front.

People say Apple sales aren't strong. There is a lot of expensive kit there.

Click For Full Size

Have You Visited DaFonts?


If you designing web pages, logos, posters etc, then you are always on the look out for cool interesting fonts to make your pages that bit better. You usually can find good websites that offer free fonts, but those are not up to the best standard. But I have found one that offers really good professional fonts for free. This website is called DaFonts. I will show you some on my favourite.

Birth of a Hero shown below is one of my favorites simply because the way its presented. Its grungy yet very geometric at the same time, you can visit the webpage here.

The second (I wont bore you with any more) is Omikron. Its a very weird font, but is great if you want to use it for those sci-fi projects. You can find the download page here.