GoMedia's Vector Arsenal A Review


I've always been fascinated with GoMedia's Arsenal Vectors. They are really cool so I bought a couple an I'm am going to review them for you. Vectors if you don't know are computer generated 2D images that don't lose there resolution when you scale them. Most of the time you use stock vectors in your own work. They are great little files that you can use to save some time.

What You Get?

If you buy any of there packs (or sets) you get an .eps file that will contain your vector. These vector files contain little bits of art which you can use. You can take a quick look at the image below for an example you get in one pack.

For $15 (from set 7) you get every vector on the sheet. The sheet is really big and you do get a lot.

The Good

There are a couple of good things about these Vector Arsenals. For example you do get a lot of different vectors in one file. You can use them for a lot of many different things. I've used them for a couple different things.

The Bad

With every good thing there is the bad. For example I do get a feel that some of the vectors do seem traced using the Live Tracing software. They don't seem up to quality than some of the other ones. Although this isn't a major issue it does spoil a couple of the files.

I would personally get them if you want a dabble in vector, and they are really good. They only cost $15 for one (such as the pack above) or $50 for a pack of 7. You can download them from here.