A Funny and Interesting Websites for Christmas


Christmas is nearly here and according to my cardboard package with chocolate contained with in there is only 13 days left, so I better start my Christmas Shopping.

Anyway, I like Christmas and I have found a really funny and an interesting website to share with you. The first is one of my favorites. Elf Your Self is what it is called and I love it. The concept is simple, you upload a photo of your self (or use a random one) then you magically put onto a dancing elf. What more do you want? You can find mine here.

The next rather cool website is for making vector snow flakes. Snow flakes are really cool, and in vector make them extra special. When armed with your scissors, you can cut a simple or complex shape out of a bit of paper. When you have completed it to your liking you can download it and use it on anything you want. Its great fun, i've made a couple and they have come out really well. Try and use very small details and wiggly shapes to get a really interesting cut.