Creating Particle Swooshes


This is a very simple tutorial that you can use to create some cool particle effects. Its really simple. You will only need photoshop and a bit of time.

Step 1) The first step is to open up a document, colour the background black.

Step 2) Add in a new layer. This will be for the particle effects.

Step 3) Use the Pen tool (P) and draw a smooth curly line. Remember to drag the points you create on the canvas. For the next step complete the whole path by joining up the line. As shown below.

Step 4) The particle effects are done with the brush tool. Select a brush and open the brushes palette (Window > Brushes). The first step you need to do is make the brush larger than you want it sort of shrinks when you do the next step, add a little bit of softness (not shown) but not a lot. Increase the spacing a lot. In the scattering pane set the scattering way up you want them in bot axes.

Step 5) In the paths palette (Window > Paths) right click on the path (thats the one you just created) and select stroke path.

When the pane comes up enable Simulate Brush Pressure, you get a good effect.

The simulated brush pressure gets the smaller to larger thing happening.

Step 6) Repeat this process with different sized brushes and more hardness. Add in some very small particles they are really dense at the centre.

Step 7) Since you created a new layer for the particles you can add in a small gradient overlay using the layer properties.

This is a very simple tutorial but you can do a lot with it. This was just a taster. I hope you enjoyed.