Creating A Flower In Illustrator

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I haven't done a post about an Illustrator tutorial in a long while. This one is very simple and doesn't take long to complete. It is all about how to create a black and white flower. All you need is a basic copy of illustrator and a bit of spare time. If you are ready I will begin.

Step 1) The first step as nearly always with these tutorials is to create the canvas. Choose what ever size you want. I've gone for 500px x 500px.

Step 2) Create a black circle on the page. Set the fill and stroke to black. The circle wants to be about center in the page, but not to large or to small.

Step 3) Using the pen tool with the stroke of black (1px) and a fill of white draw the petal shape as shown below. Use the Direct Selection Tool (A) to manipulate and move the points about.

Step 4) Copy the newly drawn path. Set the fill to black. Use the Selection Tool (V) to ever so slightly enlarge the shape. Using the layers palette (Window > Layers) set this new layer to the bottom.

Step 5) Align the black filled layer with other shape.

Step 6) Use the path tool again with a stroke and fill of black and draw one final shape. This is to be known as the inside of the petal.

Step 7) Select the three layers that make up the petal. This excludes the circle. Right click and select group. This will enable you to manipulate all of the layers at once.

Step 8) Copy the new petal group multiple times.

Step 9) Rotate and move the petal layers in to there desired position. You want a couple of the layers to overlap to add a bit of depth.

Step 10) These are more optional steps. Ive added some background colours using the square shape tool. The white wavy lines are done with the path tool, i've just multiplied the simple shape over and over again.

It is a very simple to do tutorial and produces quite a good and interesting effect at the end of it. Please leave a comment with what you think and any creations that you have done.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Powell! I followed your steps and I did wonderfully. I've started to use Illustrator for some time now, still working out on some kinks being the amateur that I am. :) Thanks again for the posting of flowers.

Happy New Years!

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ochim said...

really i fun with you all article .. :)