I found a rather cool website a couple of days ago and, like always, I want to share it with you. The concept is simple (I like simple) you get given two websites, you pick the one you like the design of, you click vote. And that is pretty much it. The votes get added up and over time you can see which one is the winner (at the moment it is a website full of chairs). This magical website is called CommandShift3. Which is probably one of the coolest names ever. The logo is pretty sweet to go along with it, since it has mac stuff in it, and we all no mac stuff is the best. It is surprisingly addictive this website and you can easily waste half and hour voting on sites and marveling in there design glory. You get to see the results of the one you picked when have casted your vote, so you can see what other people think. I don't no if it is a good thing or not but i've keep picking the one that has the majority. Like they say great minds think alike.

Know website like this would be anything without the need for custom submissions. I ,like many people, have submitted my own website (this one if you didn't notice). At its current standings it is ranked 662 out of 2965 and a grand total of 43 out of 64 (67%) liked my site. I don't think that is to shabby. You can check out my sites statistics here.

I recommend you check it out. Its a great 5 minutes to waste time on. If you are like me and you are into website design then it is a great way to find new ways to gain ideas. I've seen many websites on CommandShift3 which I love and wish I could use in my own website. But i'm sticking to the one I have at the moment. I took me a while to make it.


metavida said...

Speaking of CommandShift3, I just voted for you. Catchy design, keep up the Illustrator work.

James Powell said...

Thanks for voting. I love commandshift3 its a great website.