Amazing Photoshop Contest


I was amazed when I came across this. Over at Crestock, to gain some publicity, they have organized a Photoshop competition. The rules are simple but the prize are extraordinary.

Basically all you have to do is take one of the 5 original images for round 4, photoshop them, or gimp them or even paint them into what every you want. The winner is the one which looks the most interesting, has the best skill and the one people like.

The prize for round 4 (since I missed all of the other rounds) is a Mac Pro with two 30 inch monitors. I was amazed. They ship to any where on the planet, to who every wins.

I'm submitting mine tonight. Its nearly done, all of the stuff is nearly completed. You have till 10am tommorow GMT to submit your entries. I wish you good look.

Please leave a comment if you have submitted and I will check it out.