rssHugger A Way To Get New RSS Subscribers?


While surfing the intertubes I came across a site that helps you get RSS subscribers. RSS subscribers as you know help out a lot to your site visitor numbers and are very important. For example I wrote about it in part of of my mini series "The Importance of RSS". I was interested when I came across rssHugger.

Basically, its a service where you offer up your rss feed for people to subscribe to. In return you either have to pay $20 or write a post about it. I'm a cheap skate so i'm writing a blog post (vicious circle I know). It seems a good idea so i'm going to give it a go.

The basic idea is simple you give your RSS feed they put it on your site and you get new subscribers from there website. Its a simple idea and I would wonder if it will work. I'll give an update later on. It's free (if you take the blog post option), so I had nothing to lose.

I'm not that sure that it will ever work or catch on, particularly for my site. For example it does give links of your latest postings but i'm not to sure that many people will subscribe, there seems to be no reason why people would. Other wise it is a slick site. The graphics are good and I like the feel of it. If rssHugger do a lot of prompting it might go far, but I wont hold my breath.

If you have a site I suggest you check it out. Leave a comment with what you think. I'm interested in your opinions.


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