Post Lenghts and Pictures In Posts (Mini Series Part 5)


As the final part of the mini series into websites and optimization your site I am going to talk about blog post length and pictures within the post.

Post Lengths

Post length is very important. You need to find an optimum length for you, your website and your readers. For example if your website is very thin you don't want a very long post, people will be scrolling for ages.

Post lengths should tailored ideally for what you are writing. Try and put a lot of detail in. It helps your post and helps inform the reader. On the other hand don't post a blog post with only two are three lines. It seems like a waste.

Pictures In Posts

Pictures are very useful. Have you ever seen a whole page of text and went argh! to many words. Imagine how your readers must feel when they see a whole block of text. You need to bring pictures into the equation.

Pictures are worth a thousands words. A very popular saying. It goes the same with blog posts. If you add in a picture every couple of paragraphs it breaks up the page and adds a light relief. As well as this pictures are also enable people to scan through the text and take the snippets of information they build up from the images.

Pictures also serve another purpose. For example if you had a short post you may want to length it. Adding in a picture or two will length it.

These are just small tips that can help.