The Importance of Page Rank (Mini Series Part 2)

Continuing on our mini series, I am going to talk about the importance of page rank, how to get a good page rank. Page rank if you didn't already know is the "value" that a search engine gives to your site. I'm going to focus in on Google since it is the biggest and in most people mind the most important. But the principle applies every where else.


Page rank is important to a site because it is a way to increase your sites importance in the search engines listings. A site that ranks well means that you are more likely to appear at the top of the rankings for a search query. Appearing at the top means that you are more likely to be visited. Page ranks on Google are rated from 1 to 10. Every site and page on your site starts out at 0. The higher the rank, the more important the page is to visitors as perceived by Google.


Gaining a page rank can be easy but it takes a lot of effort to get a high rank. Googles page rank algorithm works out a sites ranking by the rank of sites linking to that page. Each rank "passes" a bit of the ranking to the site it is linking to. As a side note pages with "nofollow" in the link tags mean that site will not get any ranking, but it will still be indexed. The links which link to your site are also called backlinks.

The procedure works a bit like this. A high importance site of say 7 will link to your site. Google will come along follow the link relationship. Over time the 7 rank will be passed down to your site. You will get a bit of the page rank value as a result. If you have many links with a high page rank, the higher your sites value will become. It is better to have higher ranked pages linking to you rather than lower rank ones. Lower rank ones still count, just not as much.

To get a page rank all you have to do is get sites linking to you. The best way to do this is to right good quality content. When you right good content people will starting linking to your site. The better you write the further the links will go and the higher your rank. One good tip is to start linking to other sites. People after a while will start linking to you. Share the page rank juice around.

One tip not to remember is to buy links to your site. The problem with this it that Google doesn't like it. You may for a while get a good rank, but this will change if Google finds out you are trying to influence the rank. Don't do it.


You have a site and you think you have a rank. Baring in mind you wont get a rank immediately. What are the best sites to use to find out what your rank is?

One of the best tools on the internet is iWebtools, among its many tools is a page rank checker that works out the rank of your site. It looks at the number of back links and then makes a prediction about what rank you will get.

Remember this. Get good quality backlinks, a lot of them but don't pay, its a waste.


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