How To Turn 0.01¢ into $10 Million Dollars


There is a new invitation only crazy sweeping the internet and it is Moola. The game of skill and luck to help turn 0.01¢ into $10 Millions dollars without spending anything. It great fun and i'm going to give you a little review about what it is. If you want to start playing right away you can access my invitation page located here.

How Does It Work?

Basically you are given 1 cent (which is paid for by the advertisers) which you can then use to wager against other player with the chace of winner the big jackpot. Every level you play you can double you money. One cent, two cents, four cents etc etc. You can (if you have enough money) wager any amount. For example if you 16 cents, you can play on any lower levels. If you lose though you lose all the money you have wagered.

The Games

There are 3 games which you can play (a fourth coming soon). That are a draw between luck and skill. Each game you wager your amount (in hopes of winning) against other people. There is an option to play against the server if there isn't enough players, although I have this option turned off.


One of my favourite games. This involves guessing if the next card is higher or lower. Mostly a game of luck although I have found to win at this game the most. If you guess incorrectly you go back down to zero. You do have the option to lock in the cards. Although this uses up one of your lives.

Gold Rush

Again, another game of luck and skill you have to guess using numbers through one to six and beat you opponents amount. You do of course lose that number. As an added incentive if you do win you also get the amount in the centre . The winner of the match is the first to 36 points.


Their version of rock, paper, scissors but with an added twist. Every round (out of 6) has one option that is stops you receiving the bonus for that round. The winner is the first one to 28 or the one with the most points. It involves a lot of skill and second guessing your opponent.

How Do You Get The Money?

The way the money is inputted into the system is though advertising. You have to watch a short (5 - 30 seconds) video from advertisers. Every so often you have to answer a question about the advert. Its pretty simple. Once as you reach an amount that you want to cash out they send you a check in the post. You can check the Trophy Room on the forum page. Mine will be in the post when I reach more than $1. I haven't been playing for long.


There are a couple of drawbacks, as no system is perfect. One of the drawbacks is that you have to "verify: your account. This involves using your SMS (not charged) to verify that you are not a fake. It does protect the integrity of the game.

If you want to play the game. You can use one my invites to get access straight away, otherwise you have to wait until you are given one by the system (which can be a looong time).

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