How To Get A Wizard Pen Tablet To Work In Mac OS X


I have a Genius Wizard Pen Tablet, which I sometimes use on my PC to do design work. It works create and definitely helps when it come to drawing gentle curves and lines. A mouse usually doesn't cut it. But, to my horror, it doesn't work on my Mac very easily. But there is a simple work around.

Usually when you plug a tablet or similar in Ink in System Preferences will pop up and you should be running fine. Of course mine wasn't I could only click. I could click with my pen on my tablet like there was no tomorrow. I couldn't move at all. My first port of call was the Genius driver website under the tablet option. Open successfully finding the drivers page (as many of these electronic hardware vendors are notoriously hard to find and navigate). I scrolled down and found the option I was looking for. Of course it wouldn't be a work around if the Mac option was in the list.

At this point I was in despair, Ink didn't work no longer did the driver list. But I wanted to use this tablet with Mac, and I wasn't going to give up.

Instead, rather simply you have to pick an different drive that has a Mac listing. These options are numerous (just my look). I've chose the G Pen 340 from the driver list and it works perfectly. I get all of the options to configure the pens buttons and the hot buttons on the tablet its self.

So the lesson learned here is. If you want something to work in Mac OS X and it doesn't have a driver, use a different one and it might work. Although it probably wont.

Till nest time, stay cool.


Greg Funnell said...

Thank you so much for this it has made my day! Saved me from buying a brand new tablet when i switched to mac.

tresvampiros said...

it actually worked
which is great

Cheeto said...

Awesome!!! Thanx for the info - gonna download it now :-)