Do You Like the New Header?

Hey There

My blog redesign is almost complete. I've changed the colour scheme to a more black and white theme and the font to Tahoma. The adverts have been blended in more and don't change colour every time you reload the page. As well as this the biggest change is the header that appears at the top of the page. This was done in illustrator. I'm really pleased in how it turned out. The quality is a lot better than the first header I had, which was something I just threw together.

How Did I Make It?

Making the header was really simple. The first step was to find a suitable base image to use. I wanted to use vector and improve my skills with Illustrator. I chose to buy (a very rare thing) a quality vector from iStockPhoto. The quality of the of image on the website is amazing. I was really impressed. Anyway, with this new downloaded stock image I backed it up and opened in Illustrator. The reason I bought this image was to use all of the layered components that it had included. I then used this image took it apart and recombined it again within Illustrator. I did some tweaking of my own and rearranged the elements and colours. I'm really impressed in how it has appeared and would recommend you searching and signing up to iStock to use some of their amazing images, vectors and videos.

Next Steps

There are a couple more steps that I want to implement into the site before I want it finished. One idea is an image similar to the one at the top to appear (changed again) but at the bottom. This would sort of finish off the site nicely. I don't no yet whether I am going to add anything to the sidebar. Only time will tell.

In the next couple of days I will bring an update and another post. So stay tuned.