Changing The Leopard Scroll Bars To Look Like iTunes

Hey There

After wondering around the internet, i've come across a rather wonderful little hack for people who are using Mac OS X Leopard and want to change the scroll bars to look more like the ones used in iTunes. If you look at the image below this is what the bars originally looked like.

With a little modification you can change them to look like this.

A great improvement. They are less obtrusive and seem to blend in more. You can find this quick little download, with instructions here at MacThemes.

Although it does look good, there was an alternate version out. That changed the blue bar to grey. This is the one i'm using, because it just seems to blend in better with the grey metal of every window. This little download is located here.

The only problem with this is that there is a little white box in the corner. I can't seem to remove it using ThemePark. Its a bit annoying but I will live for the mean time. You can take a peek at the image below for an example of what I mean.

I like it. Please leave a comment of what you think. If you get into any trouble read the message boards on the first link, if you are still stuck leave a comment and I should be able to help.