Top 10 Signs That Show You Have Design On The Brain


I like designing pretty much anything. The following list, in no particular order, is ten things that show you have design on the brain far to much. This post, by the way, shouldn't be take to seriously.

1) Photoshop Takes 20 Minutes To Load

Photoshop, the designers sword. But you definitely have design on the mind if Photoshop takes 20 minutes to load because you have 40,000 brushes and shapes to load.

You are sad when you download a brush and it doesn't come at least 2000 pixels in size.

Bonus 2:
You can Photoshop out the iStock Logo from the thumbnails quicker than it takes to download the full version.

2) Fontbook Crashes Every Time You Load It.

Although Fontbook for the Mac make is more stable than the version on Windows (Press Ctrl + A and see what happens). You definitely have design on the mind if Fontbook crashes because you have so many fonts installed.
You have actually paid for a font, instead of trying to find one of exact same style for free on the many free font websites.

3) You Enjoy Looking At Colour Schemes In Your Spare Time

I must say this is one of my favorites. Have you every enjoyed looking at colour schemes, for example from ColourLovers. My favorites are the colour schemes fro butterfly's and websites.

4) You Know Lorem Ipsum Off By Heart

If you know Lorem Ipsum " Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Praesent bibendum mi at quam. Vivamus sapien. Fusce pellentesque. Integer vehicula." off bye heart you really do too much design work. Although it is good to learn a second language.

5) You Stare At A Advertisement Because Of Its Font

Have you ever stopped to look at a poster, leaflet, advertisement and loved its font. You have design on the mind is you every do this.

6) You Only Use A Mac

You only ever use a Mac simply because of its "Designing Potential" (too right!). If you ever touch a Windows machine for your design work you feel dirty and blasphemous.

You have seen the spinning beach ball more times that the cursor and have named it.

7) Looking Through You Bookmarks Folder Takes 10 Minutes To Scroll Through.

Even though you should use folders, if you scroll through you bookmarks folder you spend 10 minutes waiting until you reach the bottom.
You have bookmarked a website so many times when you search for it it appears ten times. (You should see point 9, if it works)

8) You Buy Stuff Because It Looks Cool

You buy products just because they look cool and are designed well even though there is a cheap better product for half the price.

9) Your RSS Feeder Dies Because You Have So Many Design Feeds

This sign sort of blends into number 7. If you ever had an RSS feeder die because you have so many design feeds. You definitely have design on the mind if your RSS feeder breaks.

10) You Save Tiny Parts Of Websites Because They Look Cool

Raise your hand if you have done this *hand up*. I do it all the time, saving tiny parts of websites to use at a later date. You usually never do.

You save bits of magazines in the hope that they will come in useful for future design projects. They never do.

Hopefully you found this funny, and where a quick laugh. If you have any other signs that show you ahve design on the brain, please leave a comment.


Phillip said...

Nice post, and yes, most if it stands true for me too! :)