Over 600+ Stuning Fractals


Fractals are amazing to tell you the true. They are mathematical shapes created on a computer which produce some fantastic patterns. Usually fractals have the same shape which repeats over and over again on the smaller scale. The result of this is some awe inspiring shapes which are amazing to look at.
Fractals do appearing in every day natural and can be caused by many things. For example is you microwave a CD the crack shape that appears on the surface is a fractal. As well as this if you blast a piece of acrylic with a million volts it turns to a super conductor and blasts the atoms inside. Creating a unique shape which repeats down to the atomic level. If you want to find out more you can check out this wikipedia article.

Anyway you can download the .rars containing all the images here, here, here and finally here. There are 4 parts but you don't need all of them.