I've Returned - More Cool Wallpapers

Hey There

I'm back from my short trip to Prague. It was a really good trip, it reminded my me a bit like the beginning of Half-Life 2, very eastern Europe. Any way I will be having some cool photos and wallpapers up in the coming days. So sit tight.
In case you were wondering i've marked where my Hotel was. The short walk over the river and into the centre of Prague was great for places to east and drink. I would recommend you check the city out.

Cool Wallpapers

If you have read my blog in the last couple of days you will have seen a rather cool effect to create some interesting wallpapers using Photoshop, this post is here if you missed it. The effect created, personally, is really cool. Below i've created a couple more wallpapers for this new product that is being created. The guy who is making it contacted me a couple of weeks ago about promoting it, so i should have a first glimpse of what it has to offer. You can find there website at the Fruitful Time Blog. The images below you can click on to take you to the full size versions.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you James for the PR and for designing the wallpapers in your free time. I have mentioned your blog in a post at:



James Powell said...

Thanks :)