Have You Visited DaFonts?


If you designing web pages, logos, posters etc, then you are always on the look out for cool interesting fonts to make your pages that bit better. You usually can find good websites that offer free fonts, but those are not up to the best standard. But I have found one that offers really good professional fonts for free. This website is called DaFonts. I will show you some on my favourite.

Birth of a Hero shown below is one of my favorites simply because the way its presented. Its grungy yet very geometric at the same time, you can visit the webpage here.

The second (I wont bore you with any more) is Omikron. Its a very weird font, but is great if you want to use it for those sci-fi projects. You can find the download page here.


Oswegan said...

Dig your site.

Would love to trade a link.

Check it out and let me know:


James Powell said...

Thanks, your sites really cool :)