Design Change?

Hey There Folks.

I've had this blog design scheme for the majority of this blogs life time. Its served me well. But, to be frank, I've grown a little bored of it and I think it could do with a change. I'm not going all out and radically changing it so it is completely different but there will be some changes.

For example I'm going to keep the two column layout. I did have 3 at one point but this looked tight, compacted and a bit rubbish to say the least. 3 column layouts do look good on some websites, it didn't look to good on mine. Over all I am going with a darker more black and white colour scheme. The brown is good, but I've grown tired of looking at it. I am thinking of a black and white colour scheme, with dashes of colour. One other thing that I am going to change is the adverts. These are going to be swapped around and the sizes and layouts changed.

These changes are going to be gradual and are not going to happen suddenly over night. I don't have the time or the skill to implement the changes all in one go. Please feel free to leave a comment with your ideas and suggestions.

Edit: Step 1 has been implemented, it is no taking on a more black and white effect. The next steps will involve adding a background image around the header. If you see any untoward errors, please leave a comment.

Edit: Step 2 has been implemented the big background image has been inserted. Other small changes will be made in the next could of days.

Edit 3: I've changed the background again for a better one. More changes to come.