Sorry For The Lack Of Updates


This is just a quick update explaining why there hasn't been many updates. Basically school sort of gets in the way at this time of year as exams start to pop up in January next year and I need to learn all of the stuff before time runs out. Hopefully by December when the holidays are back round again I should be able to post back to every single day. In the mean time you will have to stick with a post every couple of days and one at the week end. Thankfully i've got my new Mac to help me through which is a change from last year since I always had to use PC. Luckily for you Apple have just realeased a new Back-to-School promotion. Which I wish they released earlier since my iPods on the brink. You can check out the banner to the right(or click here) to see what they have to offer as it takes you straight to the Apple store.

Till next time. Goodbye.