Incorrect Save Message In Mac OS X


I was playing in Grapher in Mac OS X and it came up with this incorrect save message when quitting the application. All I was doing was graphing logs. A bit strange. You can click the image for the fullsize.

Clearly something is up with the spacing. It didn't happen again the second time around.
By the way if any one wants to know you can easily take images of anything on screen, such as message boxes, applications, menus etc by pressing the Command + Shift + 4 and then pressing space. A little camera will appear for the cursor where you can easily click any part of the screen to take a screen shot.


Anonymous said...

I recently got my first iMac. In my little experience I haven't seen something like this... Interesting stuff. If you manage to reproduce it let us know.


James Powell said...

I tried to reproduce it but to no avail. Must have been a blip.