The World's Most Relaxed And Beautiful Doctor's Surgery


After being on my trip a couple of weeks ago I snapped this pick of the worlds most relaxed and beautiful doctors surgery. Snapped in the Greek island of Zakynthos, this surgery is located in Alykes on the Eastern coast of the island. From what I remember the doctor is inside from about 9am till 4pm, then 7pm till 11.30pm. After hours if you call his mobile he will be in the surgery within ten minutes. No one in Britain will ever get that kind of service. He trained in the Nottingham Medical University (or what ever its called) in the UK.
His name is Dr N. Logaras. You can click the image for the full sizes.

Worlds Most Relaxed And Beautiful Doctors Surgery
Worlds Most Relaxed And Beautiful Doctors Surgery
Sorry that the bottom one is a bit blurred, it was taken in a rush. The dog never stopped walking about.