Finding Usable Ad Space On Your Website

Many web masters want to make the space which they have on their web site more profitable. The way to do this is through affiliate marketing, advertising etc. But what is the best way to find this space on your website.

The use of the screen shot tool ScreenGrab! is a perfect tool for taking a whole page screen shot to analyze where to put adverts. By using this tool in FireFox (you can download it on the right hand side under cool links) you can take a picture of the whole page. Viewing it in a zoomed out state you can see the spaces that are present on your pages.

For example take a look at the screen shot below (Click for full version). The red area represents unused space which could be made into some profit.

Here is a slightly more extreme version. The red area is a side bar that could contain advertising or other money making means.

What could you do with this area? Personally I think that it doesn't want to be filled up to much with advertising. But more stuff added to this area could help. For example you could add Click Bank products, Online Surveys, just to name a few.

This was just a quick tip. Tell me what you think and see if it has helped you. Please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Hey James,

First of all keep up the good content you post in your blog. I found your blog a week ago and it really interested me. You will see more often here :)

Screengrab is new for me. I have to say that is a great tool to see how your site looks overall. I like the way how you used it to find advertising spots.

One thing I liked to point out is that most people automatically ignore adverts that are either on top, bottom, left or right of content. From experience for instance, having google adsense at the top of a website will not really work. On the other hand if you for instance put adsense (or any other advert) between a blog post and the comments or between one blog post and the other is very effective. I suggest everyone to try it out and see if it works for you.


James Powell said...


I am trying to put Adsense in posts, but if you notice on the main page, as you scroll down you should see that they are mingled in between.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to keep track of the different ad spots to see which are the most effective. In Google adsense you can do that using channels ;)

Say you experiment for 1 month and then see if it works for to have adsense mingled with content.


James Powell said...

I do.

Personally I like affiliate programs. They always seem to pay more in the long run.