Top Tips To Getting To The Front Page of Digg

You will have probably heard of Digg. The site that is socially driven news which every time some one Diggs a story it has a chance to getting to the front page. Which means lots of visitors to you site. But what are the best ways to accomplish this.
It is widely known that not every Digg carries the same weight. Some users have a better chance of promoting stories to the front page than others.

Top Tips

  1. Digg lots of stories, read them as well. Look thorugh a lot of the upcoming pages and digg stories that are of interest to you. Then more you digg the better. But don't just randomly digg hundreds of stories on after another. The Digg computer knows.
  2. Have friends. The more friends you have the more chance they will digg you story in the upcoming list. The more the merrier.
  3. Have powerful digging friends. There is no point in having 500 friends that don't digg you stories. Get one that are frequent diggers. These are usually the ones on the homepage.
  4. Submit all kinds of stories not just your own. You have more of a chance of creating a powerful account if you have many different stories that are promoted. There is more of a chance next time round when yours are in the pipeline.
  5. Submit stories around break times in the USA. The majority of Diggers are in the USA. If you submit around lunch, you may get all the people on their break time looking at your story. This time also coincides with dinner time in the UK. Another large populous of Digging people.
These tips I have generated over the the long period I have been on Digg and hopfully y ou have found them useful. And remember to digg it.