A Quick Colour Tip To Improve Your Adsense CTR


Many people that use Adsense try to get the best Click Thru Ratio (CTR) as possible simply because the more clicks they get the more money they earn. There is more than one way to best a good CTR most of the time it involves Ad placement. But colours go along way to helping how people see your Ads.

When you use the Adsense colour pallet for picking your Ads you usually see single colour menus. Meaning you can use either one of the predefined colour schemes or one of your own.

It is little know that if you scroll all the way down to the bottom there is an option to pick more than one colour for an advertising unit.

Now this is a Gold Mine for increasing your CTR, simply because each time the page is refreshed or loaded the adverts change, you can text it now to see the effects. This can reduce banner blindness for regular visitors. Another tip is to have one or two colour schemes that contrast that will automatically show on a random basis. This helps increase your CTR (has worked on my anyway) and will hopefully make you earn more.

Just a quick time that I found, please leave your comments in the comments section (where else would you put them).