Picking A Good Affilate on ClickBank

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This guide is basically going to tell you how to spot the good affiliates on ClickBank. For those who don't no ClickBank is an organisation which you can use to buy and sell products on the internet. All are digital. Affiliates role in this is to market the products them selves and get a share of the profits, usually 50 - 75%. These tips are going to be used to find a good affiliate to help you earn lots of money.

Step 1) Sign up. This is usually a good place to start

Step 2) Visit the market place. This is where all the affiliate links are and makes sense to go here.

Step 3) Find a product or niche that you are interested in. There is no point writing an article that you have no knowledge about. The better you know a subject the better the article.

Finding Good Products

Good products for the Market place should have a couple if not all of these tenancies to find a good product worth promoting.
When you find a product use a gravity that isn't to high. The gravity is how well it is selling and how many people are promoting the product. The gravity should be around 50 - 100. Over a hundred and it is over saturated in the market. Too many people are selling. Under 50 the product might not be that good. BUT it doesn't mean you shouldn't trying selling that product. It may be new and give you many sales.

Next open the pitch page you are looking for a couple of things for a good product page.
It should be designed to a point that it is easy for the customer to use. Be very critical. You don't want to send customers to a site and they can't find where the buy links are.

One other things to look for a pop ups. Does a little pop up come up asking for you for a free trial. These are designed to lead customers away from your affiliate links so they can target them later so the publisher can earn more sales. If it does this steer clear.
This also happens when you close the page or leave the page for a while when reading the content. Open and close a couple of the pitch pages to get and idea of how the site works.
Subscribe now links within the page are not to bad, as long as they are not to forceful.

Another thing to check is to make sure that there is a clear buy link at the bottom of the page. The reason for this is that some people could scroll all the way down and miss the links leaving the site with no sales.

A good site that is well designed should have lots of images and possible videos, these are great to give customers a chance to see what the product is about. People like pictures on the internet and most prefer them over text.

As well as this a good affiliate should be offering a good commission rate if it is too low, come back later. You want to try and make the most money possible. If there is a similar product that offers more money for the same amount of effort try the higher paying product first.


One final tip is to read existing reviews and comment on a product from ClickBank. If there are hundreds of reviews on the internet but they say the product is poor, then be dubious. If you mange to sell a product but the consumer returns it, thats a wasted sales. Read up and find the best product to promote.


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