A New Digg Feature


While browsing through the Digg articles I had this idea that could improve the bury feature of a story. At the moment the bury command only has Duplicate Story, Spam, Wrong Topic, Inaccurate, and OK, This is Lame

This is all very well and good but one small improvement could make this better. For example a couple of sites in the upcoming list (they have fallen out by the time they reach the front page) don't work. Now this is kind of annoying, espically when it has 20 + diggs. So it must be sort of important or very cool. Having this "Doesn't Work" Feature in the bury list would remove the article before it annoys to many people. As well as this a small message such as the one you see when a topic has been marked inaccurate by a lot of people could appear.

Again this is only an idea but could help out and improve the system. Although it probably wont be implemented. Like the dam picture section.