Quick Tip - Mac - Changing File Assosications


I'm new to Mac at the moment and learning all the time about the new operating system. The section will be given quick tips on speeding up your life. This feature will appear every now and again depending on what I find. This weak associations.

Change file associations (default opener)

Often times you might find that one or more files open with a undesirable program. Many people have come to me asking how exactly one goes about changing this. Here is the basic and easy way:

Find the program you want in the finder (or perhaps it's on the desktop). Ctrl+click the file so that the menu comes up, and click on "Get Info". In the window that comes up, go to the "Open With" section. Change the (default) to whichever program you'd like the file association to open with, and then click "Change All".Hope that helps. Peace Out.