Thursday, May 10, 2007

Improvements to Google Adsense

We all know that Google Adsense is the bees knees, but there is always room for improvement. I've been using Adsense for not very long and would like to suggest some ideas to make Google Adsense better than it already is.

1) Reports That Tell You How Many Invalid Clicks.

Although this might not be the biggest of problems for most people it is just nice to know. For example there are days when i've had clicks and not earned that much. How many were invalid? I don't know.

2) A Report That Tells You How Much You Earned per 1000 Page Views

Some advertisers on the network also/only pay every time there has been 1000 page views of that particular advert on your site. This improvement would make it slight better in working out how much you have earned from these advertisements.

3) An Auto Rotate of Colour Palettes

This improvement would automatically cycle the Adsense adverts between different colour palettes. This could be done every time a visitor refreshes your page or every hour, day etc. This would save time manually changing the colours.
I do no that you could program that in a Javascript of different Adsense code layouts to auto rotate, but this could be done with out the need to learn how to do that.

4) Auto Rotate of Ad units

Very similar to the previous improvement but Google Adsense auto rotates between adverts. For example button and large box. Saves you doing it manually.

5) Automatic Notification of New Sites

This is more of a warning than any thing else. All it would do is tell you in either Adsense or by an E-mail that it has picked your adverts on another site. Save you being caught with questionable content that wasn't yours.

6) The Saving of Preset Designs

Similar to the palette feature but this time saves your colours and Ad unit styles. Quick and easy access, rather than going through the wizard.

7) Graphs

In the same style of the new Google Analytics but used in Adsense, the simple reason that reports have all this data but no way to graph it. You could do it in Excel or similar but that involves a different process. As well as this a little interface boost would always look good.

If you would like to try Adsense there is a link on the left. That will take you directly to the sign up page.

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