Saturday, May 5, 2007

Funny Car Facts

Ive been searching around the internet and found some really funny and interesting facts about cars. Some of these were really funny.

  1. Did you know that the top speeder was Arwstrong Tilley. He was clocked at 205mph on a Honda Rc51 motorbike on US highway 61. The previous speeder was Dr William Faenza who was driving at 158mph in a 55mph in a Lawborghini Diablo.
  2. With the high amount of speed cameras on the roads we Brits are becoming more creative with your excuses. Here are seven of the best
    1. My budgie was ill and i was rushing to the vet.
    2. I was desperate for the loo and had to speed to the nearest toilet.
    3. An ice scraper jammed under the pedal.
    4. I passed out after seeing a UFO
    5. I had severe diarrhoea.
    6. A gust of wind pushed over the limit.
    7. I was looking at the rev counter by mistake.
  3. In china there is a neat solutions to in taxi robbery. If the driver fears he is going to be robbed he can press a button and a Taser like 50,000 volts go through the cushion disabling the passenger.
  4. In Ukraine two armed robbers fled with over 200,000 euros and two women hostages. The following pursuit lasted through Germany, Poland and Ukraine. over 600 miles. It involved 20 police cars and chases over 100mph. It took longer than any one expected. Must have been on diesel.