Find Out Where That Spam Came From With GMail

Every time you hand out your e-mail address there is a chance that some one will send it to a spammer and you will be inundated with spam. Well this is how to find out who's sending it and what you can do.

One of the features of GMail is the ability to add extra bits of information to our e-mail address.
For example your e-mail could be
The text after the + can be anything you want. This means that every time you sign up with your e-mail address you can add a bit of information to the site you signed up with. The advantage of this is that you know where it came from.

As a result of this every time you get an e-mail if this information you know where it came from.

Blocking out spam. Now you have spam coming into your GMail inbox and you need to get rid of it. Usually writing to the spammer never works, but with the advantage of GMail is you can create a rule to automatically delete it. The first step is tocreate a new filter with the e-mail address with your added bit of information. Click to enlarge.

Click next to setup the filters that can be applied. Click to enlarge.

You can set it to delete it. Of course this has implications such as it deleting e-mails legitimately from that source, but if they sold your e-mail to spammers I wouldn't deal with them.

Finally I hope this helps.