Thursday, May 3, 2007

Drawing Yourself As A Cartoon Character - Photoshop

This is a Photoshop tutorial in how to draw yourself as a cartoon character.

First things first, open Photoshop. I'm using Photoshop CS2. Find a suitable photo with you or any ones face as the main element of the page. Set this as the background layer.

Click on any picture for the full versions.

The next step is to add layers for each individual element of the drawing. For example the first layer should be outline. This should go at the top.

The next step is to add the outline. I used a 9 pixel soft brush. Use this to go round the main part of your head as shown.

The best method is a nice smooth line going around the edge.

The next step is to add the smaller inner lines to the main parts of your face. I used a 5 pixel soft brush.
The final outline should look like the image below. The black parts, the eyes and the nostrils should be filled in.
One of the best methods to make a good image is to have good layers. Each element such as hair, eyes, outline should be a new layer.

The next step is to colour your face. Start with the lowest element on the image, and work upwards. To get the colour of your skin take a 5 x 5 point sample. This would get the average colour of skin.

Then using a big solid brush and colour the whole layer in. Make sure you a colouring on a now layer.
The next step is to add a subtle highlight some shadows. Use both a combination of a darker/lighter skin tone, with a transparent soft brush. And the burn/dodge tool. Follow the main areas. Keep switching to your original photo for references.

The next steps are to colour in the other areas of your face. I started with lips.

After this i did the eyes. It really doesn't matter what order you do the features in. Just make sure you cover the whole area. A good tip is to hide your original layer. Any missing bits will show through.
Its starting to look better already. Don't you think the eyes really bring a picture to life.

The final step is to move on to your hair. Use the 5x5 point sample to take the average hair colour value. Apply subtle highlights and shadows to bring the picture to life.
Looking good. Finally add a t-shirt (which you can do at the beginning, I just forgot) and colour appropriately.
The final step is to add a background. On a new layer a circle in a "calm" colour. Blue works well.

Flatten and save and you have yourself drawn and inked in Photoshop.

Please leave a comment with links to your Photoshop creations.